Therapie für Gangster

A documentary film by Sobo Swobodnik | 86 min | 2017 | D


"Therapie für Gangster" opens a black box. Why do alcohol or drug addiction mean that serious criminal acts are not punished with prison, but rather that the sentence at the end of the proceedings is a custodial sentence? Insights into forensic psychiatry seem foreign, unfamiliar and sometimes threatening to most people. Isolation, deprivation of liberty and therapy determine the inmates' lives for years. But what are their needs? What identities are formed behind bars, walls, barbed wire and closed doors? The authors focus entirely on their protagonists. Everyday lives and the development of relationship structures are traced using the Cinema Direct method. The portrait shows perspectives, experiences and perceptions of the patients. What happens when a rough life between addiction, delinquency and social marginalization is forced into the paths of reason, control and rules of behavior?


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Screenplay, Director: Sobo Swobodnik, Eckhard Geitz

Camera: Sobo Swobodnik

Sound: Akgün Akdogan

Editing: Manuel Stettner

Distribution: Mindjazz Pictures


Production funded by: Film- und Medienstiftung NRW and Hessischen Filmförderung
Dokumentarfilm-Förderpreis des Filmbüro Bremen



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