Searching Eva

Ein Dokumentarfilm von Pia Hellenthal | 84 min | 2019


Eva – 25, drifter, Berliner, poet, pet-owner, sex worker, virgo, recovering addict, housewife, feminist, model – declared privacy an outdated concept at the age of 14.

This is the tale of a young woman growing up in the age of the internet, turning the search for oneself into a public spectacle, challenging you on what a woman „should be“. Through her fragmented personalities you see the emergence of a generation, in which the concept of a fixed identity has grown old.

A portrait of modern existence.



Screenplay: Pia Hellenthal und Giorgia Malatrasi

Director: Pia Hellenthal

Camera: Janis Mazuch

EditorYana Höhnerbach

Sound Marcus Zilz

Commissioning editor: Lucas Schmidt, Christian Cloos, Max Schäffer

Distribution: UCM.ONE


In co-production with ZDF/Das Kleine Fernsehspiel,
In collaboration with VICE und RYOT Film
Development funded through: Gerd-Ruge-Stipendium der Film- und Medienstiftung NRW
Production funded by: Film- und Medienstiftung NRW und BKM



Festivals (Auswahl)

Berlinale, Sektion Panorama
Dok.fest München
Docfest Sheffield
AFI Docs
Frameline San Francisco