The great democrator

A documentary by Rami Hamze | 90 min | 2014


In Germany the calls for more citizen participation are getting louder. Discussions like the one about “Stuttgart 21” or the school reform in Hamburg indicate that in many areas people no longer simply subordinate themselves to politics but want to actively participate in decision-making. Rami Hamze takes up this social development with a democratic experiment in which he wants to help the citizens of Cologne's Kalk district to have more self-determination and a say. What happens when a filmmaker steps in front of the camera and as a central figure takes part in the side of the citizens? Can an individual motivate an entire district to take political action? Under the motto “Lime for Everyone”, the citizens of Kalk have three months to invest a citizen budget provided by Rami Hamze in the district. They will have to prove that they are able to find a solution in a democratic process without losing sight of the common good.

“The great democrator is a documentary that knows how to convince both in form and content. [...] In this way, a film was created that is entertaining and intelligent, important and topical. "



Screenplay, Director: Rami Hamze

Camera: Janis Mazuch

Sound: Gerrit Lucas

Editing: Matthias Stoll

Commissioning editor: Jutta Krug, WDR


In co-production with WDR.
Production funded by: Film- und Medienstiftung NRW.

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