Trapped By Law

A documentary film by Sami Mustafa | 90 min | 2015 | D


The film tells the story of the two Roma Kefaet and Selami, two brothers and rap artists who grew up in Essen, where they lived as asylum seekers since 1988. Kefaet was born in Prizren, Kosovo, and his parents brought him to Germany when he was four years old. There he got married and had two children: Djelan and Djihan. Selami was born in Essen and has never been to Kosovo. In March 2010, the brothers were deported from Germany to Kosovo. To a country that was completely unknown to them, separated from their parents, older brother and Kefaet's children, who all stayed back in Germany. Director Sami Mustafa accompanied Selami and Kefaet with his camera over a period of more than three years. The result is an intimate portrait of two brothers who have lost their old home and have not yet found their new one. A film about home, family, flight and the feeling of living between two worlds.



Screenplay, Director: Sami Mustafa

Camera: Sami Mustafa, Faton Mustafa, Janis Matzuch

Sound: Filipp Forberg    

Editing: Carina Mergens, Nicole Kortlüke


In co-production with Romawood and Crossing Bridges.
Production funded by: Film- und Medienstiftung NRW.

Festivals (Selection)

Internatinal Documentary Film Festiva Jihlaval
Kasseler Dokumentar- und Video Fest
DOK.fest München
Kinofest Lünen