A documentary by Arne Birkenstock and Daniel Gordon | 90 min | 2023 | D, USA


The film tells stories of betrayal, murder, escape and manipulation from two decades of GDR soccer and shows that the game of soccer is about more than men chasing a ball. A Cold War thriller on and around the soccer field, where the soccer anthem "You'll never walk alone" takes on a whole new meaning.



Screenplay: Arne Birkenstock, Daniel Gordon, Susanne Heinz

Directors: Arne Birkenstock, Daniel Gordon

Camera: Thomas Eirich-Schneider

Editing: Henk Drees, Sam Billinge

Co-Producers: Arne Birkenstock, Sebastian Lemke, Molly Conners, Amanda Bowers

Distributor: Square One Entertainment

World sales: Embankment Films


In co-production with Fruitmarket and Phiphen Pictures, in cooperation with Embankment Films, Square One Productions and SKY UK.
Development funded by: Film- und Medienstiftung NRW
Production funded by: FFA and Film- und Medienstiftung NRW