In Progress

Einzeltäter München, Halle, Hanau

Documentary series by Julian Vogel | 87min | 67min | 85min | 2023 


Munich 2016, Halle 2019 and Hanau 2020.

Three right-wing extremist attacks by so-called "lone wolves": Alleged lone perpetrators who apparently radicalised themselves on the internet without being part of classic extremist structures and suddenly struck in public spaces.1 These are stories that now dominate the headlines: According to the Office for the Protection of the Constitution, right-wing terror is currently considered the greatest threat to democracy in Germany.2 And this despite the fact that until recently such perpetrators were often classified as mentally ill, "confused" lone perpetrators and thus denied their racism. These times are over: after the attack in Hanau, Frank Walter Steinmeier spoke of an "attack on all of us". But who are "all of us"? The documentary "Lone Perpetrators" takes the perspective of the people whose relatives were actually the target of the attacks and whose lives will never be the same again.


Script, Director: Julian Vogel

Cinematography: Luise Schröder, Julian Vogel

Sound: Oscar Stiebitz, Julian Vogel

Editing: Gregor Bartsch, Sebastian Winkels

Commissioning Editor: Lucia Haslauer, ZDF/ Das kleine Fernsehspiel

Im Auftag des ZDF/ Das kleine Fernsehspiel.