A documentary film by Susanne Binninger | 103 min | 2016 | D


They fight in the cage. Because they want to, and because others want to see that. Andreas Kraniotakes, Khalid Taha and Lom-Ali Eskijev are professionals in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). They fight one-on-one, on the open stage, with all the means allowed. They go to the limits, and exceed them; those of their body, social rules, moral taboos. This is associated with extreme emotional states; for the fighters, their supporters and fans, but also for the opponents. In Germany, MMA is anchored primarily in the immigrant milieu, and is under great public pressure. The players are socially excluded, and the events are emotionally charged. But the fighters want to be recognized as athletes; for this they train hard and live ascetically. Kraniotakes, Taha and Eskijev are modern gladiators; they must not age, must not injure themselves - and, in fact, must not lose.


Screenplay, Director: Susanne Binninger

Camera: Marcus Lenz

Sound: Alexander Czart

Editing: Chris Wright

Commissioning editor: Daniel Schössler, ZDF/3sat

Distribution: Real Fiction


In co-production with ZDF/3sat
Development funded by: Gerd Ruge-Stipendium der Film- und Medienstiftung NRW.
Production funded by: Film- und Medienstiftung NRW and FFA

Festivals (Selection)

DOK Leipzig, Internationales Programm
Stranger than Fiction