A short documentary film by Katrin Sikora | 10 min | 2020 | D


In the film "Fenstervisite" filmmaker Katrin Sikora accompanies the RED NOSES clowns Liesl and Lotti from Baden-Württemberg. Hospices, nursing homes, dementia wards: These are the usual workplaces of the two artists. But then the visiting bans came into effect in the course of the Corona pandemic: from one day to the next, all visits were cancelled. No more clowns came, and no one else came either. Residents suffered from the weeks of isolation, because loneliness and hopelessness also make people ill in the long run. Actually, the clowns are there to prevent this. No clowns, no hope?Liesl and Lotti initially sent video messages and postcards to the residents. But that was not the same for a long time, because the spontaneity and the direct contact were missing. Then came the window visits. With them, the clowns found a way to be close to their "fans" again. The visits happened in the courtyard or in the garden and of course always at a distance. The film accompanies Hanna Münch and Katrin Strazzeri, who visit the nursing facility Stiftung Haus Lindenhof in Heidenheim for ROTE NASEN as Liesl and Lotti. It is a colorful portrait of two artists and their clownish alter egos, which tells of a special understanding of life and love.



Screenplay: Katrin Sikora

Director: Katrin Sikora

Camera: Till Beckert

Sound: Patrick Müller

Editing: Alexander Menkö


Production funded by Medien- und Filmgesellschaft Baden-Württemberg

and SWR.