The Miracle Of Taipei

A documentary film by John Seidler | 90 min | 2019 | D


In 1981 establishing a women's national team was of no interest to the German Football Association. Therefore an invitation to the Women’s World Cup in Taipei went to the reigning club champions from the small town of Bergisch Gladbach, Germany. In the film the former players talk about the absurd conditions in which they had to fight for their great dream of playing football. Accompanied by historical footage – testimonies of a men's world that today seem all the more anachronistic – the film tells a story that is about much more than sporting success, namely equality and recognition.


Screenplay: John  David Seidler

Director: John  David Seidler

Camera: Conny Beißler

Sound : Filipp Forberg

Editing: John David Seidler

Commissioning editor: Adrian Lehnigk, WDR, Dr. Klaus Radtke, WDR/3sat

Distribution: Mindjazz Pictures


In coproduktion with WDR and 3sat.
Production funded by: Film- und Medienstiftung NRW.

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